Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hats, hats.

Prepare yourself for a deluge of Finished Object photos. I have a serious backlog of projects to post here.
Let's begin with Hat #3:

Made from the same basic pattern as this hat and this hat, with my own little alterations. Knitted from Knitpicks Swish Superwash (my official new favorite yarn) in Truffle and Copper. Given as a birthday present.

Next we have Hat #4:

I made this on my trip to Buffalo, NY & Toronto back in November. It is the same basic pattern, but knitted from a double strand of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (still using up my stash). Given as a gift to the friend I was visiting, who has now requested earflaps.

More to come!

Location: The cubicle
Listening: They are Night Zombies.... - Sufjan Stevens
Reading: Nothing!
Knitting: Owen's sweater.


Blogger Zarah said...

Wow, the colorwork is really nice on Hat #3. I've never quite gotten the hang of that. Way to go!

2:21 PM  
Blogger LB said...

Thanks! I think the pattern is called "birdseye". It was easy, but I had to go through and fix the tension before I blocked it.

2:53 PM  

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